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Thai Child Development Foundation

When you are involved in an activity via Eco-Logic, it is good to know you are supporting the Thai Child Development Foundation  (TCDF) directly!! All profit of the activties (and the accomodation and restaurant) are used to pay for the overheadcosts of the foundaiton. 


On this page you can read some about the work and aim of the foundation you are going to be involved with. More information can be found on the website of TCDF.


The Thai Child Development Foundation organizes:

  • Education for children with learning disabilities and special needs
  • Acces to Medical care in cooperation with government institutions
  • Scholarships for underprivileged children
  • Nutrition for children in need
  • Lessons, homework support and Creative Learning Center for all local children
  • Workshops and seminars

TCDF has no religious nor political connections or intentions.

Aim and work of the foundation

The Thai Child Development Foundation is set up in 2004. Aim of the foundation is to support the development of Thai Children in the area of Phato. The foundation works on request and offers direct, practictal and individual support. Depending on the request, this can be on medical care, healthy food and/or education.


The Thai Child Development is registered in Holland as 'Stichting Thai Child Development' and is official recognized as a charitable organization.


All the work of the foundation is done by the Thai branch of the foundation and is supported financially via the Dutch foundation Stichting Thai Child Development.


TCDF is very proud to inform you that donations are spent directly on the children within our projects. This is because we have very low overhead costs and we organize a number of supporting projects (like our guesthouse TCDF Eco-Logic) who covers our overhead expenses. The foundation invites you to take a look at our financial reports and year reports if you need to know more about how we work and spent the donated money. You can visit the website of TCDF:


e-mail:  telephone: +66-(0)861721090

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Eco-Logic Activities is set up to support the Thai Child Development Foundation financially. Participation in one of the activities = supporting a good cause!


You can also decide to support the Thai Child Development Foundation financially. Just click the DONATE button!