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Eco-tourism in Paksong

Eco tourism is tourism that respects the local environment. Nature as well as culture. The aim of  Eco-Logic  Activities is - together with local authorities and local people - to organize small scale eco-tourism in Southern Thailand (Phato district).


Preserve the jungle

 Deforestation is a major global problem. Locally it causes droughts and devastating floods as well as damage to the chain of life by the disturbance and extinction of wildlife. It is extremely important to preserve the few forests that are still left, such as the ones high in the mountains in Phato. But how do you tell a villager to stop cutting trees when this is his only way to earn a living?

Eco-Logic Activities is trying to preserve the beautiful nature in Phato area by cherishing it instead of destroying it. Eco-Logic Activities wants to show the locals how to conserve their forests in the long term. By organizing activities for tourists in a regulated way for example. Or to create additional income for villagers by jobs such as tour guides and so on.


Secundary income for villagers

The main source of income in Pak Song area is agriculture: fruit mostly. Most farmers have a monoculture system for their plantation. All monocultures are dangerous if one aspect of income is too heavily relied upon. Most people in the rural areas of Thailand are very dependent on the weather. If the rain comes late then their crops may not survive. If there is too much rain their crops may be washed away. For many families a small income -selling crops- is just enough to feed their family. Most people do not have money reserved in the bank in case something goes wrong with nature, inflation, or anything else. The aim of the Eco-Logic Activities  is to have a small yet steady flow of tourism coming into the area to generate secondary income sources for local people.


Respect local skills and culture

In Thailand the results of globalization and western influence are very clear. Young people are leaving the villages with the dream of working in offices in the cities. Today the villages consist of almost entirely old people and young children. Local skills are being forgotten and local crafts are disappearing. Organizing activities for people who are interested in the history, nature and culture of an area and who have endured long plane flights and expensive fees to come to a specific village to learn about Thai "walks and talks" rather than to be in any other place in the world (including westernized mass tourist destinations) can stimulate people to utilize and share their skills and also be proud of their rural lifestyle.


A direct result of this are the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation done on the same premises where Eco-Logic Activities is located. On smaller scale Eco-Logic Activities is organizing workshops and courses to introduce foreigners to Thai culture. The participants of the workshop Thai culture and language can feel comfortable in their travel through the country and easily make Thai friends with their basic skills. The fact that they are trying to adapt to Thai culture will break the ice and open many doors for them.


e-mail:  telephone: +66-(0)861721090

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Eco-Logic Activities is set up to support the Thai Child Development Foundation financially. Participation in one of the activities = supporting a good cause!


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